OST Black Bullet

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OST Black Bullet

Download opening and ending Ost Black Bullet full version mp3 320 kbps.

Ost Black Bullet

Rentaro and Tina meet up once again on a sunny day, but Tina eventually receives a call from her boss, who informs her of the Tendo Civil Security Corporation and gives her the task of assassinating Kisara Tendo. Tina arrives at the company, only to be confronted by Rentaro himself. She then moves out, aiming to take Seitenshi’s life once again. Enju then volunteers to go after the Initiator, unaware of her IP Rank: 97.

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Opening Theme :
  • “black bullet” by fripSide
Ending Theme
  • “Tokohana” by Nagi Yanagi 

OST Black Bullet | Rokuro | 4.5