OST Fate Zero 2nd Season

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OST Fate Zero 2nd Season

Download ost opening & ending Fate/Zero season 2 mp3 full version.

Ost Fate/Zero 2

Synopsis :
The battle for the Holy Grail continues, with more lives lost and more secrets revealed. When the curtain falls, who will emerge victorious is anyone’s guess… And what “victorious” truly means, is even more questionable.

Download Ost Fate/Zero S2 :

Opening Theme:
  • “to the beginning” by Kalafina 


Ending Theme:
  • “Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau” by Luna Haruna
  • “Manten (満天)” by Kalafina 


OST Fate Zero 2nd Season | Rokuro | 4.5